Summer is prime season on the Missouri as the dry fly fishing is in full swing! Caddis, PMD’s, tricos, terrestials, they’re all here and will keep you busy from dawn until you can’t see (even that doesn’t stop some hard core anglers!). PMD’s and caddis are the fare of choice for greedy early summer trout who can’t seem to get enough and eat with reckless abandon. Hopper fishing begins to heat up offering up the chance to fool some huge browns. At the end of July things will get tougher once tricos take over as the mainstay. Fish are still feeding in huge numbers and will pod up in prime feeding lanes, but they will not tolerate sloppy presentation. If you want to test your skills against some of the toughest fish that eat a dry, this time of the year will offer you many chances everyday. Practicing accuracy and the all important reach cast will go a long way to help you in your quest of fooling these wary fish. The latter part of the summer shows a steady decline in the surface activity though risers can still be found in spots, mostly feeding on the dreaded psuedos. Terrestrial season is in full effect however and you can get your big bug fix with hoppers, ant, and beetles being top flies. August is traditionally a slow month as far as angling pressure goes making it a great time to come and find some rare solitude on the west’s best river. Of course, nymphing will produce fish throughout the summer season.

It’s hot in the summer time, no two ways about it. You’ll want to have clothing that offers both sun protection and keeps you comfortable. Lots of outdoor labels are now making clothes with this in mind. A hat with a wide brim and sunscreen are important items as well. Despite warm weather, it’s always wise to bring rain gear.

The Four Seasons: