It’s a great time to be on the Missouri River, the best if you ask most local guides and fishermen. Cooler nights will bring river temperatures back down to the prime zone for our trout. In September, caddis return for a short time. The psuedos are still lingering. Thankfully, they will transition to the fall baetis toward the end of the month. Lots of fish will be up on the cloudy days when hatches are the best. September provides the best nymph fishing of the year. October brings more dry fly action with BWO’s and October caddis showing daily. This makes it a favorite among Missouri River veterans. Your favorite BWO imitations and some attractors such as Royal Wulffs and Stimmies will cover your dry fly needs.

The fall is also as good as it gets for streamer fishing.Brown trout are starting to stage for their spawn and are beautifully colored and very aggressive. A variety of buggers will get fish’s attention as well as foxy clousers and various other big-uglies. November is the end of prime fishing season on the Mighty Mo and most folks you see are out there are locals enjoying a river they have almost entirely to themselves. The threat of cold weather scares many people, but hardy souls will be rewarded with great fishing and often being all alone.

Dress with the cold weather in mind. Warm hats, gloves, fleece top and bottoms, and your warmest fishing jacket are items that are worth their weight in gold. Waders will be a part of the wardrobe most days. Lots of layers are a smart bet since you can shed them on warmer days.

The Four Seasons: